Larosa Food
A Family Business Since 1971
Larosa "A" Mozzarella 10 x 2.25kg
Parmiggiano Padano 1 x 33.5kg aprx
Romano Cheese 1 x 26.5kg aprx
Parmiggiano Padano Grated 1 x 2.5kg
Romano Cheese Grated 1 x 2.5kg
Grated Cheese 1 x 2.5kg
Shredded Parmesan 4 x 1kg
Provolone Salami Style - Domestic 1 x 11kg aprx
Asiago 1 x 9.5kg aprx
Bocconcini 1 x 3kg
Emmenthal Cheese 4 x 3.3kg aprx
Feta Cheese 1 x 3kg
Feta Cheese 1 x 11kg
Goat Feta Cheese 1 x 10kg
Mild Cheddar 1 x 5kg aprx
Monterey Jack 1 x 5kg aprx
We also carry assorted cheese in pre pack sizes that are priced and ready to display in your deli case