Larosa Food
A Family Business Since 1971
Dips & Spreads, Olive Oil/Balsamic Vinegar, Salami, Pasta/Rice, Fish, Beverages

Larosa - Since 1971

Larosa has from day one been connected to great Mediterranean foods. Founded as a family business in 1971, as an importer of the best products from Italy, through the 80’s and 90’s, when other great Mediterranean inspired foods joined the portfolio, to the 90’s when we began making our own products. When you think about Mediterranean food, you think about great flavours, with simple and healthy ingredients. This is how we approach making all of our products. We seek out only the best ingredients and hand craft them with care and attention to detail, to ensure the products you, your family and friends enjoy are the best they can be. We make sure we don’t add anything that shouldn’t be there to provide flavours as fresh and natural as you would expect.

We continue to be a proudly Canadian owned and operated company and ensure all of our products are crafted with an eye on safety with the highest quality ingredients. We are fully HAACP compliant.